J/boats Torqeedo

Torqeedo Sponsors J/70 sailing championship

Torqeedo announces sponsorship of the J/70 World Sailing Championships and the creation of a new division within the competition. The Dynasty Division is open to any team sailing with one or more family members onboard and is meant to encourage families to sail and compete together, creating lifelong memories and nurturing the next generation of sailors.

“The J/70 fleet is a tight group of teams with which we have been involved since the inception of the class. There is a real family feel to the fleet and we want to recognize that and further encourage families to participate in this great sport with the Dynasty Division Trophy,” said Steve Trkla, president Torqeedo USA.

The World Championships will be the first of several regattas that plan to run the Dynasty Division. “J/Boats is a family brand and we are delighted Torqeedo came up with this initiative for our class. What better way to kick it off than at the World Championships?” said Jeff Johnstone, president of J/Boats.

Running from September 9-13, the World Championships take place in Newport, Rhode Island. It is setting up to be a top-notch regatta with 89 entries to date and a formidable line-up of talent. Torqeedo is proud to be a part of the J/Boats family and is a Silver Level sponsor for the regatta while also partnering with Sail22.

Bennington pontoon boat with Torqeedo Cruise

Torqeedo Cruise will power Bennington’s new electric pontoon boats

Bennington Torqeedo Cruise 4.0

Bennington Torqeedo Cruise 4.0

Torqeedo, the world leader in electric boating, is pleased to announce that its Cruise 4.0 motor and lithium-ion batteries will power Bennington’s new Electric Series of pontoon boats. The company’s environmentally sound 9.9 hp equivalent Cruise motor provides the power and speed enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts, while Bennington’s S-Series 20-24′ pontoon boats supply complete luxury.

“Our customers have been asking for an electric power offering and Torqeedo motors provide a clean, quiet and powerful solution for our pontoon enthusiasts,” said Todd Meier, Bennington’s VP of sales and engine operations. “The Electric Series will bring unrivaled efficiency, access and ease-of-use to our customers.”

“There are thousands of electric-only or horsepower-restricted waters in the United States, and that number steadily rises each year,” said Steve Trkla, president of Torqeedo, Inc. “Previously, recreational users had to settle for using underpowered trolling motors for reaching these waters, some of the most beautiful and pristine in the country, only by canoe or kayak. Because Torqeedo outboards don’t pollute the air or water, they are welcome on restricted waters.”

With plush seating that can be configured to provide the perfect fishing boat or party platform and an elegantly designed helm with Bluetooth stereo, Bennington’s S-Series gives owners the flexibility to build the pontoon of their dreams. Now, with Torqeedo’s electric motors, they have the freedom to take that dream anywhere.

TMC Connect

Torqeedo and Tesla connect EV enthusiasts

Torqeedo, the world leader in electric boating, was thrilled to sponsor TMC Connect, an electric vehicle users conference organized by Tesla Motors Club. The event attracted the interest of 300 participants in Monterey, California where leaders in the field, such as Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla Motors’ vice president of business development, discussed the past, present and future of electric vehicles and their impact on technology, society and the environment.

Electric cars, electric motorcycles and two electric boats, a Torqeedo-powered Kona 17 and a solar dinghy, were exhibited during the conference. “It was a great opportunity to talk to leaders in the EV field about Torqeedo and electric boating. The participants were intrigued by the contrast between the classic sportboat lines of the Kona 17 and the groundbreaking, state-of-the-art 40 hp Deep Blue electric outboard,” said Steve Trkla, president and GM of Torqeedo, Inc. “Tesla owners already understand the significant advantages of moving beyond fossil fuels and were excited about experiencing clean, quiet mobility not only on the street, but on the water.”

Torqeedo Deep Blue twin electric outboard

Torqeedo Deep Blue wins DAME Award

Overall Winner of the DAME Award 2012 is the Deep Blue Electric Outboard by Torqeedo of Germany.

The Jury believes that the new DEEP BLUE large electric outboard from Torqeedo GmbH is an exceptional example of groundbreaking research and development – one which will bring great benefits to both the users and builders of marine craft. Through substantial financial investment Torqeedo have successfully combined two established yet distinct technologies – the large outboard engine and electric motor – for the first time. In doing so they have created a revolutionary integrated propulsion system that is striking in its styling and highly notable for its innovation. In bringing this truly original product to the marine market, DEEP BLUE’s designers have achieved a first-class package that offers convenience, price worthiness and performance. It also promises to provide a cleaner, quieter and more economical boating experience for many people in the years to come.

The DAME Award’s Jury Chairman, Bill Dixon, says the calibre of entrants in this year’s competition has been as strong as ever. “The excellent quality of the 2012 DAME Design Award entry list has been clear evidence that the marine industry is continuing to invest confidently in a broad range of innovative and well-designed new products, despite the difficult economic climate. As always, it was a difficult task for the DAME Jury judges to elect the eventual Category and Overall Winners from such an impressive array of diverse and welldesigned marine products. We were, however, very pleased that all seven categories were well represented – especially in the important areas of deck equipment, rigging, safety and navigational software.

Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 Tiller

The new Torqeedo Cruise Tiller

Plenty of power, no petrol. With the new Cruise T, Torqeedo signals the launch of the next generation of modern electric outboards.

Perfect for dinghies, motorboats and yachts up to 4 tons, the new tiller-controlled Cruise T outboard has been completely reworked for the new season – and now runs even better than ever. And with it, Torqeedo has increased its lead in the development of innovative high-tech outboards even further.

When the new generation tiller-controlled electric outboards get underway, you’d better hold on! Faster, more powerful and better looking than ever – equivalent to 8 PS (max. speed: 12 knots or 23 km/h) – the new Cruise 4.0 T gets motorboats on the plane and propels yachts up to 4 tons comfortably out of the harbour.

Unlike their predecessors, the new compact Cruise 2.0 T and 4.0 T outboards – like all other Torqeedo products, by the way – are now fully protected against complete immersion (IP 67) and are ideally suited for saltwater cruising.

As with all other Torqeedo outboards, both new Cruise motors are, in addition, now equipped with on-board computers. Founder and managing director Dr. Christoph Ballin says of the improvement, “It’s only logical that we extend this unique feature to the complete range. The new Cruise T’s tiller display provides continuous information about battery charge status, speed over the ground, input power and – most importantly – remaining range. So you can be sure, when you’re underway, that you’ll get to where you want.”

Furthermore, both Cruise models can also claim superior overall efficiency: the Cruise gets more range from a battery bank than any other outboard. And despite its power, remains a lightweight – the 2.0 T short shaft model weighs just 17.5 kg, the 4.0 T short shaft version 18.3 kg. But weight isn’t the only indicator for easy handling and convenience; thanks to the supplied cable set with fuse and main switch, once on board it’s simply a case of connect and go!

Depending on the model, the high tech outboards require either one or two Power 26-104 series lithium batteries, which Torqeedo also supplies. Alternatively, the outboards can also be powered with AGM or lead acid batteries.